Dropbox -> iCloud

Dropbox has served StickyStudy well over the years (tips hat), but now it’s iCloud’s turn. Currently in testing, it will be introduced to all apps in the next update due June, 2017.


Bye Bye Quizlet

Quizlet will be discontinuing their support for flashcard apps. Searching for Quizlet decks using StickyStudy Flash will work until the end of May, 2017 :(



iOS9 friendly updates coming to a StickyStudy app near you.


A fresh round of updates coming for all apps this month.

Flash Review


“..a stunning learning tool for iPhone and iPad that I highly, highly recommend!”

Full review here.

User Reviews


The more you guys out there support me with your feedback and positive reviews, the more I’ll keep polishing and adding to the apps. Thanks, all.

iTunes reviews over 3 months.



Not entirely my choice but I’ll be removing support for iOS6 from all apps by the new year. Compatibility will start from iOS7.

Developing and testing for iOS6 using Xcode is no longer supported by Apple as standard. Of course, with fiddling there are ways to make it work but I’d rather spend time adding new features than having a hair-pulling battle with Xcode. Just to let you know.

iPhone 6 + iOS8

October is going to be a busy month: updates for all apps coming your way addressing iOS8 issues and making use of that lovely iPhone 6 real estate.

Quizlet, Welcome Back

Flash! v3.0

Download picture cards from Quizlet or add your own (from the camera roll or the camera).
Touch a word for instant audio in nearly any language.

Even I’m looking forward to this update. Available May.

flashPrev2 flashPrev3

iOS 7.1

iOS7.1 has kindly decided to a break a few UI elements in the app. No fear, updates coming next week.


Minor Updates

Minor bug fixes, CSV import for Flash! and a new deck list in this round of updates. Available for download by the end of the month.


Work In Progress

I’m currently upgrading the Japanese app core data files to include radicals, full component breakdown and detailed reference codes for 6000 kanji (*cough*).

Flash! will also be getting some TLC with more standardised import/export, folders and multi side support sometime in the new year.




• iOS7 upgrades for all apps are on the way (it’s a biggy)
• Detailed, online manuals for all apps are coming soon.
• Much to my wife’s dismay, the to do list for new features is still as long as ever.

As always, your reviews and emails keep me in front of the Mac and continually updating the apps. Thanks everyone.

Flash! v1.7


Update released with a host of improvements and new, editable backup files.

HRF Backup files

From the next updates, backup files saved to Dropbox will be in human readable format, i.e., you’ll be able to easily add and edit stickies in a plain ‘ole text editor.

Also, app badge notifications will work whether the app is running or not. New “Stickies to study today” option, too.

Flash! v1.6

Now finishing up on the latest update with the main focus being on Quizlet giving better searching of usernames, classes and sets but more importantly, full access to your Quizlet account including the ability to favourite any deck for later study.

Mid May release.



Flash! Update


v1.5 has just been uploaded for review ready for sale next week. A quick lowdown:

Quizlet support - search millions of decks on
Touch the colour piles on the study screen to show their contents
SRS interval adjustment in settings (advanced users only!)
Minor changes

Due to changes in the Flashcard Exchange API, "tags" are no longer available when searching.



The next update of “StickyStudy Flash!” will connect you to the gargantuan flashcard servers at Quizet giving you access to millions of crowd-sourced decks from around the world via a silky smooth interface.

Coming in April.

Flash! Update


v1.4 has just been uploaded for review; available next week. Main changes:

New deck name list shows stats
Colour chooser in list view (swipe over word)
Fixed dropbox conflict with other SS apps
Modified study alg. avoids possible "2 in a row"
Other minor changes and bug fixes

Now working on:
Quizlet support
User definable SRS intervals

Dropbox Update

Pro Tip

A common feature in the next round of updates with be a not so obvious way to change the level of a sticky when in list view: swipe your finger over the word:


Sayonara iOS4

Just to let you all know, StickyStudy apps (from the next update) will require iOS5 or iOS6 and will no longer work with iOS4 and below.


All apps have been updated with improved Dropbox functionality and rotation for the iPad.

4 Years And Still Going

Your support keeps me coding and updating. Thanks everyone.


Even Better


My tireless, constant and bad-for-my-health slaving over Xcode has produced another feature worthy of an update - an improved study algorithm.

The algorithm is now a mixture of timed and frequency based SRS study giving the best of both worlds by spreading your study over a longer period of time without overloading you when you miss a couple of sessions.

Coming to all apps within the month.


StickStudy (paid and free apps) has just hit the 100,000 downloads milestone. Gulp.

A big thank you to all who have helped in the development with suggestions and ideas - your medals are in the post. It truly is a pleasure (read: obsession) making these apps better and better.

More updates coming in June.

One Touch Backup


After a lengthy battle with some misbehaving code (a nice way of saying I fixed a bug) the Dropbox username/password is now “Set once and forget” for backing up and restoring.

Updates are being uploaded as I speak.

iPad 3 + StickyStudy = :o)

This screenshot from the iPad 3 showing over 2000 kanji (Joyo kanji) has so many pixels that it’s too big to display on a full HD monitor! If you don’t mind making your display look tiny, click on the graphic below and be in awe..

StickyStudy makes heavy use of system fonts so it already looks silky smooth on the new iPad’s retina display without any updating.

(The Chinese and Flash! versions look similarly awesome.)

iOS Simulator Screen shot 18 Mar 2012 5.09.34 pm

Flash v1.12

New in this version:

Bigger study buttons (coming to all apps soon)
Bug fix that prevented saving a file with “/“ in the title.
New lines (carriage returns) now supported.
Sort searched decks.

Available oh so soon.


Flash! v1.11

Uploaded for review. Minor fixes and tweaks.

Flash v1.1

A host of little fixes and a few additions for the next update. Available next week. Some highlights:

“Age” of cards now measured in minutes
Can continue studying a mastered deck
Fixed font problem for russian text
Sort -> Rand can now be pressed when selected
Can now delete stickies in edit view
☆ “Safe start” option in device settings if the app can’t open the last file
☆ Bug fixes


There have been some reports of Flash! crashing after downloading certain decks. To prevent annoying any more users, I’ve taken the app down from the stores until I can fix the problem. Hopefully ready by next week.

SS + WWW = Flash!

As of next week, what you have in your flashcard app will be entirely up to you.

Flash! is the slickest way to choose from millions of decks from around the world and increasing your knowledge.

No annoying registration or usernames required - just download and go.