10 Years

A little update to welcome us into 2019 with fixes, tweaks, haptic feedback, and a new deck list chooser. Version 4.3 available soon. 今年もよろしくお願いします。Oh, and big self-hug for updating StickyStudy for 10 years.

IOS 12 Ready And Waiting

StickyStudy was first designed and created using iOS 2 on an iPhone 3G. 9 years and 10 versions later, I'm still updating like there's no tomorrow. iOS 12 ready, folks.


iOS11. Bring it on.

iOS 11 ready, iPhone X ready, and a new interface design because, well, why not.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone SE - 2017-10-18 at 23.14.16

Dropbox -> iCloud

Dropbox has served StickyStudy well over the years (tips hat), but now it’s iCloud’s turn. Currently in testing, it will be introduced to all apps in the next update due June, 2017.



iOS9 friendly updates coming to a StickyStudy app near you.


A fresh round of updates coming for all apps this month.

User Reviews


The more you guys out there support me with your feedback and positive reviews, the more I’ll keep polishing and adding to the apps. Thanks, all.

iTunes reviews over 3 months.



Not entirely my choice but I’ll be removing support for iOS6 from all apps by the new year. Compatibility will start from iOS7.

Developing and testing for iOS6 using Xcode is no longer supported by Apple as standard. Of course, with fiddling there are ways to make it work but I’d rather spend time adding new features than having a hair-pulling battle with Xcode. Just to let you know.

iPhone 6 + iOS8

October is going to be a busy month: updates for all apps coming your way addressing iOS8 issues and making use of that lovely iPhone 6 real estate.

iOS 7.1

iOS7.1 has kindly decided to a break a few UI elements in the app. No fear, updates coming next week.


Minor Updates

Minor bug fixes, CSV import for Flash! and a new deck list in this round of updates. Available for download by the end of the month.




• iOS7 upgrades for all apps are on the way (it’s a biggy)
• Detailed, online manuals for all apps are coming soon.
• Much to my wife’s dismay, the to do list for new features is still as long as ever.

As always, your reviews and emails keep me in front of the Mac and continually updating the apps. Thanks everyone.

Chinese v1.8


• Dropbox deck format now in standard text - edit decks on your Mac/PC
• SRS setting: adjust the number of new, red stickies introduced during study
• More notification options - now work when app is no longer running (as it should)
• Minor bug fixes and corrections*

Available next week.

HRF Backup files

From the next updates, backup files saved to Dropbox will be in human readable format, i.e., you’ll be able to easily add and edit stickies in a plain ‘ole text editor.

Also, app badge notifications will work whether the app is running or not. New “Stickies to study today” option, too.

Chinese Update


v1.7 has just been uploaded for review ready for sale next week. A quick lowdown:

Touch the colour piles in the study view to see their contents
The study algorithm's spacing (SRS) can be changed
New option in list view shows "Last asked" for each sticky


Slight blurriness in tile view when zooming in using the pinch gesture
Other minor changes

Dropbox Update

Chinese Update


v1.6 has just been uploaded for review; available next week. Main changes:

Completely polished and rewritten HSK Vocabulary decks
Added multi-info deck list (see below)
Added colour (level) chooser in list view (see below)
Added export (copy deck contents to clipboard)
Added Jump button when editing to speed up entry
Added TAB button to import
Fixed study slow down when studying for hours at a time
Fixed lock rotation bug when relaunching the app
Fixed possible crash when renaming a deck
Changed import to include CL (now at 6 fields per sticky)
Changed audio to also work when your device is in mute mode
Faster screen redraws in "Tile" view

Next update in the works: adjustable SRS intervals to tailor your studies.

Pro Tip

A common feature in the next round of updates with be a not so obvious way to change the level of a sticky when in list view: swipe your finger over the word:


Deck List

A redesigned deck list now shows stats for each deck at one glance. Coming to all apps in the next update.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 14 Feb 2013 1.07.48 pm

Sayonara iOS4

Just to let you all know, StickyStudy apps (from the next update) will require iOS5 or iOS6 and will no longer work with iOS4 and below.


All apps have been updated with improved Dropbox functionality and rotation for the iPad.

4 Years And Still Going

Your support keeps me coding and updating. Thanks everyone.


Even Better


My tireless, constant and bad-for-my-health slaving over Xcode has produced another feature worthy of an update - an improved study algorithm.

The algorithm is now a mixture of timed and frequency based SRS study giving the best of both worlds by spreading your study over a longer period of time without overloading you when you miss a couple of sessions.

Coming to all apps within the month.


StickStudy (paid and free apps) has just hit the 100,000 downloads milestone. Gulp.

A big thank you to all who have helped in the development with suggestions and ideas - your medals are in the post. It truly is a pleasure (read: obsession) making these apps better and better.

More updates coming in June.

StickyStudy Needs You!


Many enterprising users have not only been busy mastering the built in decks but also making their own, personal decks based on textbooks they’ve been using. This got me a thinking: Why not make a central database so everyone can share these great decks?

If you have a nice deck that you think others may benefit from, let me know.

Once I get a little collection going I’ll make them available to all users within the Japanese and Chinese apps via a simple browser.

One Touch Backup


After a lengthy battle with some misbehaving code (a nice way of saying I fixed a bug) the Dropbox username/password is now “Set once and forget” for backing up and restoring.

Updates are being uploaded as I speak.


A few minor updates on the way as well as a new app for our English studying friends out there.

iPad 3 + StickyStudy = :o)

This screenshot from the iPad 3 showing over 2000 kanji (Joyo kanji) has so many pixels that it’s too big to display on a full HD monitor! If you don’t mind making your display look tiny, click on the graphic below and be in awe..

StickyStudy makes heavy use of system fonts so it already looks silky smooth on the new iPad’s retina display without any updating.

(The Chinese and Flash! versions look similarly awesome.)

iOS Simulator Screen shot 18 Mar 2012 5.09.34 pm

Chinese v1.3

An update has been uploaded for review:

[New] Stats at bottom of sticky.
[New] Continue studying a mastered deck.
[New] Can delete a sticky when editing.
[New] "Safe Start" option in device preferences.
[New] Revised graphics.
[New] "Make current browse options the default" setting.
[New] Faster start up time.
[New] "Report Mistake" option in "Edit"

[Fixed] Pinyin corrections.
[Fixed] Stats now backs up correctly with Dropbox.

Many, many changes and bug fixes.

Chinese Lite v1.1

Update with many minor changes and bug fixes, uploaded for review.

New Dictionary Lookup

The coming v2.2 of “Japanese” will make use of the built in iOS5 dictionary. Hold your finger down on the question for a second or so and “define” will appear (But what happened to the stroke order animations?)

Apple have been very strict about iCloud recently (i.e. file sizes) but if all goes well the update will be available next week.


December News


Now that Flash! is finished and currently waiting for approval, I can spend a bit of quality time with some updates.

I hope to update all apps this month with minor fixes and a few data corrections.

Either this month or next, I’ll be adding a brand new example sentence database to the Japanese app. Far bigger and better than the current version. Dictionary support is also on the to do list.

The Kana app has all the sounds for both hiragana and katakana built in but I’ll also be adding audio for the example words, too (courtesy of my wife - I haven’t told her yet..)

As well as “Flashcard Exchange” adding “Quizlet” to the Flash! app is in the pipeline.

Chinese v1.2 Update

Tweaks, bug fixes and a new import function that allows you to import up to 5 fields for each sticky: Simplified, Traditional, Pinyin (Number), Pinyin (Accent) and Answer (Note: Not all fields need to contain data.)

Simply cut’n’paste your data into the app (settings). Available in a few days.

Settings Manual


What do all these settings in my app mean? Hopefully this new page will answer some of your questions.

Chinese v1.0.1

An update to fix the examples sentences bug will be available within the week. Apologies. This only affects those who are updating the app and not new purchases.



A feature conspicuous by it’s absence, it’s now time to allow you guys and gals to import your own data.

Up until now I have been reluctant to spend too much time adding import functionality as I’ve always believed that if the original data was good enough to start with, it wouldn’t be required. But, I’m bored and I want to add some new features for you all.

I’ll be offering an “import text box” within the app. Just copy and paste your data into this box (maybe from an email or notepad) and the app will automatically format the data ready for study. I’ve looked at iTunes synching functionality but I tend to use my phone away from my computer a lot so I’m more interested in making the iPhone (or whatever) a self contained study device without the need for connecting a cable.

If you have any thoughts or opinions, I’d be very interested to know. I’m aiming for an October update for Kanji and Chinese.

Chinese v1.1 In The Works

This is for you traditional guys/gals out there. The next update will include the new TOCFL (previously TOP) vocabulary files (basic, beginner, intermediate and advanced) and an updated examples sentence database with both simplified and traditional characters.

Rearranging the official lists is taking some time (due to multiple entries for the same head-word) but I’m aiming for an early September release.

Also, minor bug fixes.

Chinese v1.0.1

Minor fixes for the next update:

Stickies can now be moved correctly between files
In the HSK Hanzi L1 file: The traditional character for “” should read “
The “Swap trad/simp” switch functions correctly
“Autoplay audio” now functions correctly for those having problems

Available in a week or so.

Chinese v1.0

Now available in an App Store near you. The complete solution for those working towards the HSK test.

All the vocabulary and hanzi for all 6 levels given the StickyStudy treatment.

1 week introductory sale!


Japanese v2.0

Many midnight hours of geeky coding have resulted in a new, improved and whiter than white version 2.0. Main features:


Backup and restore individual files using “Dropbox” (not to be confused with import/export - see FAQ)
Orientation lock
Better randomisation during study
Many internal improvements and an oil change.

The app is now called “StickyStudy: Japanese” to stop confusion. For me. Available in a week or so.


New FAQ page (top left menu option).

Tweet, tweet

Follow my progress on twitter.



A little update as to what I’ve been doing recently.

Getting the data and audio together for the Chinese HSK app was quite a task but it’s now done and in the final stages of testing. It’s a goody!

As for the Kanji app, I have the code needed for the “Dropbox” support and I hope to implement it as soon as the Chinese app has packed it’s bags and left for the app store. I envisage an August release (v2.0). In the meantime v1.91 will be released in a week or so with a few fixes (see previous post), a new study option and a new settings tab to make things a little clearer:


I’m interested in honing the learning algorithm of all the apps. As you may or may not know, the study order reflects the order in the browse view: randomise the browse view and the study order will follow suit. This is a little counter-intuitive as it should be independent of the browse view. Work in progress.

Feedback! Please! If you don’t tell me, I’ll probably never know.

Calling All Beta Testers!

If you’d be interested in trying to break and generally cause havoc with my new Chinese HSK app for the sake of bug finding, please get in touch.


Chinese (HSK)

For those of you taking the HSK test, the ultimate study partner is on its way. Buckle your seat belts.


The Story So Far

First, a big thanks to those who have chosen my humble StickyStudy method as part of their daily study. It’s been ridiculously hard work coding and refining it but satisfying seeing all that work coming together in it’s present form.

From start to finish (and including the time to learn XCode) it took me TWO years. Wow. Bear in mind that during this time I was working full time, got married, bought a house and, well, did normal stuff. I gave up the project twice vowing never to return and doubted my sanity many, many times. Now that the main code is finished, I’ve started speaking to my wife again and have learned to communicate with people in the outside world.

Your email support regarding bugs, features and problems has been very, very valuable and greatly appreciated. It also motivates me to carry on.

So, what's next? As far as the kanji app goes, the next step will be spending some quality time with the data files to make sure they're as accurate as possible - a spring clean if you like (I’m now working on new N3 data files). If I can add more functionality without spoiling the layout, I’d be interested. Let me know what you guys and girls would like.

A Chinese version of the kanji app is now in development. The layout of the browse view is perfect for kanji so Chinese is the obvious next candidate. The main hurdle is the character animations. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. The HSK files 1-6 for both the vocab and the hanzi are finished and so is full audio (around 8000 words/characters). It’s turning into a very promising app.

I'll also be releasing an English study app in the near future. Stay tuned for more details.