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The more you guys out there support me with your feedback and positive reviews, the more I’ll keep polishing and adding to the apps. Thanks, all.

iTunes reviews over 3 months.



Not entirely my choice but I’ll be removing support for iOS6 from all apps by the new year. Compatibility will start from iOS7.

Developing and testing for iOS6 using Xcode is no longer supported by Apple as standard. Of course, with fiddling there are ways to make it work but I’d rather spend time adding new features than having a hair-pulling battle with Xcode. Just to let you know.

"Complete Japanese" Bundle

Need the two best apps to learn Japanese but wouldn’t say no to a little discount? The new StickyStudy Kana + Kanji app bundle may well be just what you’re looking for. Now available in the App Store.


iPhone 6 + iOS8

October is going to be a busy month: updates for all apps coming your way addressing iOS8 issues and making use of that lovely iPhone 6 real estate.

Quizlet, Welcome Back

JLPT Audio. お待たせしました。


The missing piece is finally here: full native speaker audio for the JLPT N1-5 vocabulary sets. Synthesised voices? sorry, you’re not welcome here. Learn from the real thing.

Auto mode will play the audio every time you swipe or study a sticky. Manual mode (switchable in settings) will play only when required.

Available early August.

Flash! v3.0

Download picture cards from Quizlet or add your own (from the camera roll or the camera).
Touch a word for instant audio in nearly any language.

Even I’m looking forward to this update. Available May.

flashPrev2 flashPrev3

iOS 7.1

iOS7.1 has kindly decided to a break a few UI elements in the app. No fear, updates coming next week.


Minor Updates

Minor bug fixes, CSV import for Flash! and a new deck list in this round of updates. Available for download by the end of the month.


Radical Update


Japanese v3.1 (available late February) is a major update bringing the detail of a kanji dictionary into each sticky:

Kanji database
Contains all 6355 for kanji kentei level 1.
Detailed radical information.
Kanji are broken down into their elements.
SKIP codes.
Stroke count.
Dictionary codes.
Radicals, elements, stroke count and SKIP codes are hyperlinked to allow you to drill down to related kanji.

New English -> Japanese dictionary
Live searching as you type.
Entries grouped by English keywords.
SKIP searching - just type the number (eg, 2-5-10).

New deck list instead of the spinny wheel thingy.
Saving a sticky now uses a deck called 'Saved' not the current deck.
New iPad font.
Bugs fixes.