Sayonara iOS4

Just to let you all know, StickyStudy apps (from the next update) will require iOS5 or iOS6 and will no longer work with iOS4 and below.

Kana v2.0

Completely rewritten, a major update for the Kana app (Hiragana and Katakana) will be available very soon. Looks awesome on the iPad retina, too.



All apps have been updated with improved Dropbox functionality and rotation for the iPad.

4 Years And Still Going

Your support keeps me coding and updating. Thanks everyone.


Even Better


My tireless, constant and bad-for-my-health slaving over Xcode has produced another feature worthy of an update - an improved study algorithm.

The algorithm is now a mixture of timed and frequency based SRS study giving the best of both worlds by spreading your study over a longer period of time without overloading you when you miss a couple of sessions.

Coming to all apps within the month.

Japanese Update v2.5

Japanese Lite Update

[Fixed] Crash on iPod Touch 2nd Gen. devices running OS4.2.1. Available next week.


StickStudy (paid and free apps) has just hit the 100,000 downloads milestone. Gulp.

A big thank you to all who have helped in the development with suggestions and ideas - your medals are in the post. It truly is a pleasure (read: obsession) making these apps better and better.

More updates coming in June.

StickyStudy Needs You!


Many enterprising users have not only been busy mastering the built in decks but also making their own, personal decks based on textbooks they’ve been using. This got me a thinking: Why not make a central database so everyone can share these great decks?

If you have a nice deck that you think others may benefit from, let me know.

Once I get a little collection going I’ll make them available to all users within the Japanese and Chinese apps via a simple browser.

One Touch Backup


After a lengthy battle with some misbehaving code (a nice way of saying I fixed a bug) the Dropbox username/password is now “Set once and forget” for backing up and restoring.

Updates are being uploaded as I speak.


A few minor updates on the way as well as a new app for our English studying friends out there.

Japanese: Full Dictionary

A full size, high glucose, low fat dictionary is now built into the Japanese app as of v2.4. Uploaded for review.


iPad 3 + StickyStudy = :o)

This screenshot from the iPad 3 showing over 2000 kanji (Joyo kanji) has so many pixels that it’s too big to display on a full HD monitor! If you don’t mind making your display look tiny, click on the graphic below and be in awe..

StickyStudy makes heavy use of system fonts so it already looks silky smooth on the new iPad’s retina display without any updating.

(The Chinese and Flash! versions look similarly awesome.)

iOS Simulator Screen shot 18 Mar 2012 5.09.34 pm

Kana v2.23

New in this version:

Auto audio when swiping cards.
New, bigger study buttons.
Double tap answer (in browse) to hide it.
Minor fixes and changes.

Flash v1.12

New in this version:

Bigger study buttons (coming to all apps soon)
Bug fix that prevented saving a file with “/“ in the title.
New lines (carriage returns) now supported.
Sort searched decks.

Available oh so soon.


Chinese v1.3

An update has been uploaded for review:

[New] Stats at bottom of sticky.
[New] Continue studying a mastered deck.
[New] Can delete a sticky when editing.
[New] "Safe Start" option in device preferences.
[New] Revised graphics.
[New] "Make current browse options the default" setting.
[New] Faster start up time.
[New] "Report Mistake" option in "Edit"

[Fixed] Pinyin corrections.
[Fixed] Stats now backs up correctly with Dropbox.

Many, many changes and bug fixes.

Chinese Lite v1.1

Update with many minor changes and bug fixes, uploaded for review.

Japanese Lite v1.3

Update uploaded for review. Minor changes.

Japanese v2.3

Just uploaded for review. Available in a few days. Summary:

[New] Completely rewritten example sentences module. Sentences are broken down into vocabulary which can, themselves, be searched or added to the current deck.
[New] When showing words, the component kanjis are shown in "1 sticky" view.
[New] New stats at the bottom of each sticky.
[New] "Safe Start" option in device settings in case of startup problems.
[New] Delete option when editing a sticky.
[New] "Report mistake" (to me) option when editing a sticky.
[New] Tab bar icons.
[New] "Make current browse options the default" (for all decks) option.
[New] 1 second startup time on iPhone 4s.

[Fixed] Corrections to N1 (file needs to be reset to see changes)
[Fixed] Dropbox backup now backs up stats correctly.

27 minor changes/optimisations (大変でした). Bugs fixed.

Next update: Dictionary.

Flash! v1.11

Uploaded for review. Minor fixes and tweaks.

Japanese Kana v2.32

A minor update has been uploaded for review with some graphic changes and a bug fix.

Japanese v2.3

The focus on this update has been on making the new example sentence database more flexible allowing you to dive down infinite levels - like brainstorming. It’s pretty amazing. There’s also a new “Add To Deck” button that saves the current word/kanji and allows you to build a deck without ever touching a keyboard.

Summary so far:

Example sentence section completely rewritten.
Vocabulary is broken down into kanji.

1 second startup time (iPhone 4s)
Improved stats display
Animations don’t interrupt music (at last!)
Allows the studying of a perfected deck.
Delete button in “1 sticky” display.
Fixed the stats backup with Dropbox.
Sort->”Rand” can be pressed twice in a row.
Set your browse settings for ALL files with one button.
N1 vocabulary corrections.
New icons, all bugs fixed (that I’ve been told of) and TLC.

(My plans for the built in dictionary are being put on hold for a few weeks - just need to iron out a few issues)

Aiming for a late February release, wife/work permitting.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 26 Jan 2012 11.08.47 am

Flash v1.1

A host of little fixes and a few additions for the next update. Available next week. Some highlights:

“Age” of cards now measured in minutes
Can continue studying a mastered deck
Fixed font problem for russian text
Sort -> Rand can now be pressed when selected
Can now delete stickies in edit view
☆ “Safe start” option in device settings if the app can’t open the last file
☆ Bug fixes


There have been some reports of Flash! crashing after downloading certain decks. To prevent annoying any more users, I’ve taken the app down from the stores until I can fix the problem. Hopefully ready by next week.