User Guide

Import (In App)

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Import your own data.
Input format 1 (above) - tab between fields, new line between each sticky.
- All fields are optional but 5 tabs are still required for each sticky.
Input format 2 (below) - new line for each sticky.
- All fields are optional. Leave a blank line for an empty field.

Cancel and back to settings.
Paste content from clipboard (from an email, etc).
When ready, import the data into the current deck.
If using the [TAB] input format, you can use this button.

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Export (In App)

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The current deck in it's entirety will be copied, as text, to the clipboard ready to be pasted into an email, etc. No system information such as level, date, etc will be included.


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iCloud can be enabled/disabled in your device’s settings. It’s usually enabled by default.
Decks are synced automatically and constantly between devices.
Decks in iCloud are human readable and fully editable.
User data begins beneath the dotted line with system study data at the end of each line.
You can freely add or remove lines below the dotted line. If there is no system data at the end of a line, it will be added by the app (i.e. the sticky will become "red" and unlearnt).
If you don't mind losing your progress and browse layout options, system data above the dotted line can be omitted.

System data: information for each deck. Editing this will end in tears. If its deleted altogether, you will be forgiven and a new one will be created by the app.
User data: Six fields containing sticky data.
System data at the end of each line storing each sticky's progress, colour, flag, etc.