User Guide

Import (In App)

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Import your own data.
Input format 1 (above) - tab between fields, new line between each sticky.
- All fields are optional but 5 tabs are still required for each sticky.
Input format 2 (below) - new line for each sticky.
- All fields are optional. Leave a blank line for an empty field.

Cancel and back to settings.
Paste content from clipboard (from an email, etc).
When ready, import the data into the current deck.
If using the [TAB] input format, you can use this button.

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Export (In App)

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The current deck in it's entirety will be copied, as text, to the clipboard ready to be pasted into an email, etc. No system information such as level, date, etc will be included.

Import / Export Using Dropbox

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If you don't have an account, it only takes a minute.
Once a deck is backed up to Dropbox, you can freely edit, add and delete user data.
User data begins beneath the dotted line.
Line format: same as 'Input format 1' above.
When your data is added/removed the system data will automatically be updated to reflect these changes when the file is restored/synced.

System information for each deck. Editing this will end in tears but deleting it completely is OK.
System data at the end of each line. If left out, the sticky will be assumed to be "Red" and un-learnt.
The question and answer separated by a [TAB].