User Guide


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Browse: View and edit the current deck*
Study: Study the current deck.
History: Study history for the current deck.
Settings: Global and current deck settings.

* Option to show number of stickies on the icon (see settings).

Study Screen

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This shows your study status for the current deck.

Deck Chooser.
Start studying.
Overall progress (percent).
Overall progress (colour).
Days to goal (optional). Tap to set.
Remaining correct answers required today (if goal is set).
Last time studied.
Total time studied.

SRS Study Algorithm

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If a sticky is answered correctly, it moves closer to green.
If a sticky is answered incorrectly, it moves back to red.
Uses SRS (Spaced Repetition System).
Red = New / Green = Mastered.
Stickies must be answered correctly 4 times in a row.
Green stickies are eventually recycled.
Colours can be manually changed by tapping the above or in list view.

Study Mode

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Finish and save current study session.
If a goal is set, this shows today's goal's progress.
As . Also, press to show the study timer.
Colour = current level of card. Touch here to flag.

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"I don't know" moves sticky back to red. *
"No problem" moves sticky straight to green (mastered).
"I know" moves sticky one colour closer to green.

* If "Pass = -1" is set in settings, this button will move the sticky one step closer to red, not all the way to red. This can make study time a little easier.

Deck Chooser

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All the decks that are stored on the device.
To delete a deck, swipe your finger over it's name.

Rename current deck.
New deck.
Deck's progress.
Deck's progress in colour.
Last time studied.

New Deck

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Exit without creating new deck.
Number of stickies to add.
Create deck.
Deck name.
Decks to combine into new deck.