User Guide

  • How do I delete decks on the iPad?
    Go to the deck chooser and swipe your finger from right to left over the deck name.
  • Badge not showing on the app icon!
    If you have set the badge to show study progress, etc, in the app settings and it still doesn’t show it could either be due to having a study progress of 0% or that notifications have been disabled on your device. You can re-enable notifications in your device’s settings: settings -> notifications -> StickyStudy -> ‘Allow notifications’.
  • I deleted a built in deck by accident, how do I get it back?
    Create a new deck with exactly the same name then go to settings and 'Restore To Original'.
  • How do I delete stickies?
    Go to list view and swipe your finger from right to left over the sticky.
  • No Simplified Characters?
    Go to settings and turn off 'Traditional Chars'
  • Can I break a deck into chunks to make things easier?
    The study algorithm will progressively work it's way through the deck. The more you answer correctly, the more it will move forward but if you're finding things difficult, the app will stop introducing new stickies and instead spend time on the problem stickies by continually looping through them until you make some progress. So, while the deck cannot be broken up into bite size chunks by the user (for example if you'd like to study x number of stickies everyday) you can rely on the algorithm to wisely progress through the deck for you.
  • Can I add/edit examples?
    My hands are tied on this one. Apple limits the size of read/write (editable) files within an app (due to iCloud backup overload concerns, it seems) and the example sentence database is pretty big. I tried making it read/writable a few years ago but the app was rejected. There is a well known coding workaround for this but I couldn’t make it work without the app being rejected.
  • How do I copy multiple stickies?
    To copy a range of stickies that are next to each other in list view, go to 'Options' and select 'Copy'. You’ll be asked to select a start and end point of the range you’d like to copy.

    To copy a group of stickies that are not consecutive, first flag all the stickies that you’d like to copy. Once done, go to 'Options' (in list view) and set 'Sort' to 'Flag'. This will put all the flagged stickies to the top of the list, consecutively. Go to 'Options' again and select 'Copy' to select these flagged stickies.
  • What happens when I select 'Report a mistake'?
    It gets corrected in the next update. But - and this is a big but - corrections are not reflected in the app even after the update unless you select 'Reset to original' in settings which will have the downside of reseting your scores. People often personalise decks with their own definitions and notes so I'm unable to update decks automatically during an update.
  • What makes StickyStudy different to other SRS apps?
    I'm a study junkie. Over the years I've tried, enjoyed and achieved varying success using most of the big name flashcard apps out there but there was always one negative that would eventually drive me to create my own solution: they didn't have a goal I could set in the future that I could work towards. I needed this goal so I would know when to move on to the next stage, whatever I decided that may be. Closure, if you like.

    SRS is based on the premise of an indefinite 'learn and review' cycle (and very effective it is too). You keep going until you feel you've got the content mastered. But, there are times where it can be more efficient to just stop and shift your study focus onto material that uses this vocabulary in context to solidify the 1st stage of learning instead of the continued reviewing.

    For me, this endless reviewing weakened my motivation and, more worryingly, became an unnecessary, daily burden that was (ironically) slowing down my overall progress. Having a goal not only pushed me to study harder but gave me a sense of achievement while at the same time maintaining the confidence that I was using an established and well proven study algorithm.
  • Credits
    HSK character data is courtesy of
    HSK vocabulary data is courtesy of
    All the pinyin audio was thanks to the hard work of Shi Ying & Ermes Toninelli.