Japanese v1.6 Uploaded For Review

List of changes:

- [Added] Move, copy and delete groups of stickies between files (list view).
- [Added] New easy study option (pass = -1 instead of reseting to red) (study view)
- [Added] On the study screen, the number of times studied has been replaced with total time studied.
- [Added] “Restore file to original” option in study view
- [Changed] Switching views (Browse, Study, History) is generally faster
- [Changed] Updated iPad UI (the file selector)
- [Changed] iPad can now launch in landscape
- [Changed] Other minor UI changes
- [Fixed] "Full size sticky view" code rewrite; more reliable, less memory hungry
- [Fixed] Scroll bar appearing at incorrect times
- [Fixed] Flickering/partial filename showing in title bar bug (iPad)
- Other minor bugs fixes

Remember, if you don’t tell me about bugs/ideas, I’ll probably never know. Available in a week or so.