Japanese v1.9

The next update of Kanji (v1.9) contains completely rewritten JLPT N1-5 files. They include more readings and, well, they’re just better. N3 vocabulary and kanji files are now separate. The “Joyo Kanji (New)” file has also been updated.

Early in the app’s development I decided to only include kanji readings that were commonly used while omitting some of the exotic, less used readings for the sake of efficiency and sanity. But, instead of enforcing this methology on my dear users I decided just to start from zero and make files that contain as many readings as possible.

Available in a week or so.

To protect your data, files will NOT be updated or overridden upon updating the app unless you restore the original file using the “Restore Original File” setting in study view or if the app is reinstalled.

To access the new N3 files without reinstalling the app, create an empty file called “JLPT Kanji N3” or “JLPT Vocab N3” and restore this file with the “Restore Original File” setting. The file will be filled with the N3 data.

If you have any problems or questions, drop me an email.