Japanese Update v2.5

A major update bringing StickyStudy closer to a research tool.

The "Single sticky display" has been completely rewritten to show more information, much like a dictionary. You can now infinitely delve through layers researching any kanji, compound or example just by touching it.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 27 Jul 2012 11.06.40 am iOS Simulator Screen shot 27 Jul 2012 11.05.49 am

[Added] “Similar kanji” display
[Added] Back and forward arrows in examples (popular request)
[Added] New radicals deck
[Added] "Copy sticky to clipboard" option in "Edit"
[Removed] "More" button no longer required. Advanced searches are automatic and a lot faster
[Fixed] Dictionary searches are around 4-5 times faster (rewritten in SQL)
[Fixed] App uses approx. 75% less memory due to core code rewrite
[Fixed] Stability fixes for iPod Touch OS4 users
[Fixed] Rare "blurry" Browse display caused by low memory problem
[Fixed] The "Reset colours and stats" cancel button now works correctly
[Fixed] Copy/pasting into the import box from Mail now works as expected (Mail replaces tabs with 4 spaces…) You can now also type 4 spaces directly into the import box and have it read as a tab.
[Fixed] JLPT1 Vocab correction (一筋 = いちすじ)

Other minor changes.