Japanese v1.83

I wasn’t planning to release an update so soon but there are a few issues that are causing me restless nights:

iPhone 4 behaviour has been improved a lot (because I now have one to play with). I made the naive assumption that seeing as the iPhone 4 has twice the memory that I could use nearly twice as much. We learn, we grow. The memory usage has now been adjusted more sensibly.
The previously mentioned bug when moving or deleting stickies has been fixed
The “Grades” data files have been updated with better definitions (see below)
New font option (slightly slimmer than the default)
Study options sometimes forgot their settings. Fixed.
The date picker now works when using Japanese localisation.

Available around 20th February.

Note: The grade files will only be updated on your device when you select “restore original file” in the study settings. Otherwise, the update would quite happily write all over your files and scores which probably wouldn’t make me too popular. Currently, selecting this option will “drastically exit” the app (this will be fixed..) but it still works as advertised without any problems.