Japanese v1.8

The tank is full and the tires have been kicked. Available now.

Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 4.02.37 pm

[Added] Only show (Filter) stickies of a certain colour or flag (above)
[Added] Extra sort options: by “flag” and by “incorrect”
[Added] New Joyo Kanji data
[Added] "Always Show Kana" setting while studying
[Added] Variable Zoom Setting super zoom for iPhone4
[Added] More retina graphics
[Added] Memory warning (can switch off in settings)
[Changed] The history bar chart only adds one new bar per day no matter how many times you study that day
[Changed] Animation movies wait for touch before disappearing
[Changed] Minor UI changes
[Changed] You can now show the numbers in tile view with full size stickies
[Changed] Navigation box more accurate and larger on iPad. Smaller in landscape view on iPhone.
[Changed] New splash screen
[Changed] Reduced maximum zoom on iPad to avoid memory issues
[Fixed] "Blank sticky" issue
[Fixed] Issue when changing level and flag during search

Many other small changes and some bug fixes. Keep the feedback coming!