Hard Work

Somebody mentioned that getting every sticky right FOUR WHOLE TIMES was just plain hard work - especially for big files. At first I thought, “These young kids..” then I realised, maybe it would be nice to soften the blow a little.

The next version of Kanji Pro (v1.4) will have a new “Perfect” button when studying. One press, and the sticky is elevated to green utopia and never asked again.

(A bit of revision for you. Stickystudy relies on the idea of colours. Each time you answer a sticky correctly it changes gradually from lowly “red” to the lofty heights of “green”. Once a sticky is answered correctly four times it becomes green and is never asked again. Also, the more you answer a sticky correctly, the further into the future you are asked the next time - just to make sure you haven’t forgotten. Revision over. Well done.)