Japanese v1.84

I don’t know.. every time I release an update I think, “Right, that’s it. I’m going to have myself a little break for a while” but I just can’t help myself..

New in v1.84:

[Added] Recycle mastered stickies.
When a file is more than 20% learnt (still playing with this number), previously mastered stickies will reappear every now and again. I was weary of not making their presence too overpowering hence my initial reluctance in implementing this popular request.

[Added] Blank question option in tile view
Having a blank sticky may sound strange but there is method in my madness. Large files take a while to load in tile view because of the text but the background colours load almost instantly. Having this blank option allows you to see at a glance how you’re doing without worrying about loading times .

Screenshot 2011.02.18 18.19.29

[Changed] Can no longer select "tiny tiles" in tile view
When zoomed out (as in above screenshot) single screen taps are ignored so you don’t tap a sticky by mistake. Pinch and double tap remain unchanged.

[Fixed] "Restore original file" crash

[Changed] Enabled editing of Heisig
Editing has been enabled with the exception of the Heisig number field.

[Fixed] Corrections in "new joyo kanji"

Any other ideas? Drop me an email.