User Guide

How To Copy Stickies

1. Create new deck by clicking on the folder icon (top left), and clicking on '+' (top right).
2. Name your new deck.
3. Go to another deck.
4. Go to Browse and flip to 'list' view (toggles between 'tile' or 'list').
5. Flag the stickies that you want to copy to your new deck by touching each sticky's number (they turn blue).
6. Go to 'options' (top) in list view and select 'sort' by 'flag'. Now, all your blue stickies are grouped together at the top of the list.
7. Select copy (in options - half way down the page).
8. Now select your sorted 'flagged' stickies.
9. Select your destination deck from the list to paste the stickies.
10. Stickies now appear in the new deck.