I installed it and began using it at once. I learned the entire Hiragana syllabary -- that's 71 symbols y'all -- in one session of 3 hours and 33 minutes!I plan on working with it 30 minutes everyday this week to solidify my learning.
App Store review

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Japanese Kana

Japanese Kana
Total Japanese Kana Training

Thanks to the SRS algorithm you'll only study flashcards you need to study without wasting time on cards you already know.

Just set a goal (for example an exam date) and let the app work out your daily study. Zero setting up - just download and start.

StickyStudy stands out because it feels like you're using a real set of flashcards. How many apps allow you to zoom out and see all your cards on one screen?

Released in 2008 with over 100,000 downloads, StickyStudy makes study time addictive.


Animations drawn by Satoru Shinagawa

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Full audio for all Hiragana, Katakana and hundreds of example words by a native speaker.
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Animations + Writing
Large animations for all kana with a built in writing trainer that teaches you how to write each and every one of them.
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Tile View
Zoom in and out to see all your stickies on one screen. Touch any sticky to show more detail. Tile content is fully customisable.
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List View
Another way to view all your data: a standard list with a scroll bar. As with tile view, instant, lag-free scrolling.
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Spaced Repetition System allows you to study more of what you're weak at and less of what you're good at.
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Your study history beautifully laid out as a rolling bar chart. Touch any bar for more detail.
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Set a date and be guided each day towards your goal.
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Backup and sync between devices.
Beautiful scrolling "map" interface
All Hiragana & Katakana
animations with writing practice
Real world examples that you'd actually use
Romaji for all example words
Stroke animation for each character
Audio for each word and character
SRS Study algorithm
Scheduler: set a date and your daily study is calculated
iCloud backup and sync
Filtering, sorting and searching
Join decks together
Numerous customisation options
Rolling progress chart
Awesome support
Universal app. iOS8+. iPad Pro ready.
Included decks

Katakana example words
Ultimate kana (all possible combinations)
App Store Reviews
"I've downloaded several apps for learning hiragana and katakana but the ease and simplicity of this one is refreshing and very effective. There are several options you are given in how you want to study as well. Well worth the money."

"This app has helped me memorize the kana and read it better than I ever thought I would. "

"Amazing Learning Tool! This app is by far the best way to get you foot in the door with the Japanese Kana."

"Awesome. Loved the Kanji StickyStudy Lite, needed to improve my katakana, thought I'd buy this. It's so worth it, and I still love the UI. I'll probably buy the paid version of Kanji too, to support these great developers!"

"Awesome. By far the best application I've used to learn Hiragana and katakana with. Highly recommended!"

"Very useful in remembering Kana."

"Very thoughtfully designed."

"It really helped me to fix Kana in my brain. It doesn't replace your memory, that's something you must work by yourself. For me, It's been an excellent tool. Thanks!"

"Great interface. It uses the [SRS] system I really like to use and works."

"Very easy and intuitive, highly recommended! I mastered hiragana in 10 days!"

"Perfect tool for memorizing kanas well. This tool is perfect for what it is designed to do. If you want to learn the kanas well, get this app."

"Fun, Quick, Necessary. Great app. I downloaded the Lite version first, then quickly realized how effective for memorization this is. A must buy for anyone wanting to learn Japanese fast, and in an easy way!"

"Great app, even for beginners! I've spent at least 15 minutes of my free time each day to use this app, and I'm extremely impressed with the results. The menus are easy to navigate, and the color-coded level indicators help to organize the kana well. Looking forward to buying the kanji app soon!"

"Flawless! This app is great! I've been struggling to remember katakana for a while now but with this I learnt it all quick. I'm reading words quicker and even knowing a few words without having to read each letter like people do for native languages."
"It's got a beautiful and simple layout and I've had no problems at all! Highly recommended! ありがとうございます"

"Great practice!! This is a great supplement for mastering kana. I would recommend this app to anyone learning Japanese."

"Love it! This app is great. Was able to learn all the hiragana in a couple hours. And it sticks. I retest myself and I just fly through answers."

Amazing! I'm so surprised at how quickly I'm learning the hiragana that I didn't know! I've spent so much money on other apps when this was all that I should have purchased! Thank you!"

"Fantastic flash card app."


"Concise and practical. It helps me memorise those symbols whenever I can play with iPhone. Within a week, I mastered all of them."

"Beautiful and practical. Great interface and a must to learn Japanese. Highly recommend."

"Awesome. It's really easy to learn Japanese with this app!"

"Nice. Good way of learning hiragana. Used in conjunction with another program and learned all the words in half a week."

"Kept me on task! I installed it and began using it at once. I learned the entire Hiragana syllabary -- that's 71 symbols y'all -- in one session of 3 hours and 33 minutes!"

"Novel Fast Way To Study. I admit as a programmer I implemented a kana quizzer in some ways like this many years ago. Always wondered why nobody made programs that quizzed fast and intelligently. This goes quite beyond my young attempts and is the most interesting/fastest Japanese language learner I've seen. I was fascinated to find that I retained the characters so quickly (it had been a dozen years since school) and got past the hard characters I always had trouble with. All memory based learning should be like this. More, please."

"Perfect feature set for an app. It doesn't have any unnecessary features and is focused on learning the characters. Showing characters you missed more frequently really speeds up learning."

Quoted (with corrections) from App Stores around the world.