I am well and truly astounded by what a great job the developer has done with this app. I’ve seen countless study aids and flashcard apps but this one really blows the competition out of the water without a shadow of a doubt.

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The Closest Thing To Real Flashcards

Thanks to the SRS algorithm you'll only study flashcards you need to study without wasting time on cards you already know.

Just set a goal (for example an exam date) and let the app work out your daily study. Zero setting up - just download and start.

StickyStudy stands out because it feels like you're using a real set of flashcards. How many apps allow you to zoom out and see all your cards on one screen?

Released in 2008 with over 100,000 downloads, StickyStudy makes study time addictive.


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Spaced Repetition System allows you to study more of what you're weak at and less of what you're good at.
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Pictures & Audio
Download or take your own pictures, touch a word for multi-language pronunciation.
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Tile View
Zoom in and out to see all your stickies on one screen. Touch any sticky to show more detail. Tile content is fully customisable.
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List View
Another way to view all your data: a standard list with a scroll bar. As with tile view, instant, lag-free scrolling.
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Import / Export
Need more content? Import your own by typing directly into the app's import box or copy/paste from an email, etc.
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Your study history beautifully laid out as a rolling bar chart. Touch any bar for more detail.
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Set a date and be guided each day towards your goal.
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Backup and sync between devices.
Beautiful scrolling "map" interface
Full support for images - make your own deck with the camera
Touch a word for multi-lingual pronunciation
SRS Study algorithm
Scheduler: set a date and your daily study is calculated
iCloud backup and sync
Filtering, sorting and searching
Freely create your own decks
SRS interval customisation setting
Standard list view with up 10,000 entries
Stickies can be added, moved, deleted and edited
Import your own data (text only)
Numerous customisation options
Rolling progress chart
Awesome support
Universal app. iOS8+. iPad Pro ready.
"Launch Pad Pro" = "stickystudyflash://"

App Store Reviews
"Best SRS app I've used."

"This app is fantastic. Wonderful study system, lots of options and a good looking interface. Can't go wrong with this app."

"I can truly say it's one of the best if not best flash card apps."

"Love this app. Such an easy way to visualize your progress with your flash cards. Works perfectly. Thanks for the app"

"The spaced out review is genius. Perfect!"

"A very slick and polished app."

"I literally struggled with [so] many other flash card app for months."

"Best SRS app I've used."

"Best flashcard program I've found. After checking out a number of options, I'm committed to using StickyStudy and I'm very happy with it ... Thanks!"

"I've noticed that I learn words so much faster with this app ... This app repeats words enough so that I learn but not too much to the point where I spend my time on only a few cards. I find myself remembering things on a more long term basis."

"Just what I was looking for. After downloading and trying about ten similar apps I have finally found this one."

"[if] you don't have this app you are missing out on awesome."

"This app is incredibly simple to use, yet highly effective. I teach English in Japan, and I recommend this app to as many students as I can. Plus, the developer is very responsive and supportive."

"Get this app because IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!"

"Many thanks to the developer for this wonderful app. I couldn't do without it!"

"Was considering Anki instead to keep my vocab practice up but was turned off by the high price. This has exactly what I need and crowd sourced decks are great."

"Great app. Worth every penny."

"Great customer service."

"I have been using some of the different StickyStudy apps for a couple weeks now, and they have helped me tremendously. I highly recommend [them]."

"Useful. Helped me a lot."

"I bought other expensive flashcard apps but this app has every feature I ever wanted in one place ... it's so user friendly. Reverse cards? Instant. How many have you mastered? Easy to see."
"This app is fantastic. Wonderful study system, lots of options and a good looking interface. Can't go wrong with this app."

"There's a crazy wealth of flashcards on the net and Justin has done a great job of tapping into them [with] an excellent interface."

"So if anyone is considering splashing out the $$$ on Anki, don't bother. This will do great."

"The best in its category. This is the best flashcard app on the iOS platform I have come across thus far! Functionally superior to all its competitors as well as visually stunning."

"Class App"

"Better than Mental Case. I tried Mental Case, but I like this app far better. Much easier to use interface."

"Yet another cornerstone of my iPod. I can't love this enough. I actually considered buying Anki and I'm glad I didn't, not to say that Anki isn't awesome but even at the same price, I'd say they're evenly matched. What is wrong with people, why don't more people get this!"

"Perfect app for studying vocabulary."

"A perfect tool for my studies."


"I really could not ask for more than this ... really, you have to try this."

"Best flash card app out there. After having tried a series of other flash card apps I finally settled on the StickyStudy series of apps as the best ones. And this is now my go to app whenever I need to memorize something."

"This is one of those apps that really makes having the iPhone worthwhile. It is by far the best flash card app I've tried and the only one that uses the style of flash card learning that I use with paper cards."

"The interface is clean and attractive and there are no distracting animations."

"This application answers all my requirements... intuitive, wonderful graphics, possibility to make backup of your progress and decks, you can copy your decks ... you can rename, move, delete, flag, add new cards in easy way."

"..additionally, the developer is very helpful. My e-mail with feature requests was answered within a few hours and one of them is going to actually be implemented soon. It is very pleasing to know that customers' needs are respected."

Quoted (with corrections) from App Stores around the world.
Review: www.apppicker.com

Any of you who enjoy studying through the medium of flashcards are going to have an absolute field day with StickyStudy: Flash (Flashcards + Quizlet), an app which is proving to be one of the most elaborate and comprehensive study aids available on iPhone and iPad.

I am well and truly astounded by what a great job the developer has done with this app. I’ve seen countless study aids and flashcard apps but this one really blows the competition out of the water without a shadow of a doubt.

Fantastic Flashcard Learning

This incredible app stands out from the crowd in the Education category of the App Store by combining flashcard learning with a slick interface and a vast amount of content.

This app makes use of text, images, and even audio to facilitate the learning process, and there are literally millions of different decks that you can download based on the subjects you want to focus on.

StickyStudy: Flash (Flashcards + Quizlet) also allows you to import your own flashcard decks, and any decks you have can be viewed in a single overview display for easy browsing and a generalized look at what lies ahead.

What’s more this app is fully compatible with iPhone 6 and even allows you to back up your records via Dropbox, so the developer really has covered all angles. All we have to wait for now is an iOS 8 update!


Study for all manner of different subjects in a smart flashcard format
Use text, images, and even audio to prompt the facilitate process
Choose from millions of decks and download them via in-app purchase
Import your own flashcard decks from external sources
Use the integrated search facility to find the decks you need within seconds
Schedule your study sessions on a calendar for more efficient planning
See your flashcards in a single display for easy browsing and a generalized overview
Create a handy digital backup copy of your records via Dropbox
Fully updated and optimized to work smoothly on iPhone 6


There is nothing negative to say about this app

Final Words

StickyStudy: Flash (Flashcards + Quizlet) is a stunning learning tool for iPhone and iPad that I highly, highly recommend!