The Story So Far

First, a big thanks to those who have chosen my humble StickyStudy method as part of their daily study. It’s been ridiculously hard work coding and refining it but satisfying seeing all that work coming together in it’s present form.

From start to finish (and including the time to learn XCode) it took me TWO years. Wow. Bear in mind that during this time I was working full time, got married, bought a house and, well, did normal stuff. I gave up the project twice vowing never to return and doubted my sanity many, many times. Now that the main code is finished, I’ve started speaking to my wife again and have learned to communicate with people in the outside world.

Your email support regarding bugs, features and problems has been very, very valuable and greatly appreciated. It also motivates me to carry on.

So, what's next? As far as the kanji app goes, the next step will be spending some quality time with the data files to make sure they're as accurate as possible - a spring clean if you like (I’m now working on new N3 data files). If I can add more functionality without spoiling the layout, I’d be interested. Let me know what you guys and girls would like.

A Chinese version of the kanji app is now in development. The layout of the browse view is perfect for kanji so Chinese is the obvious next candidate. The main hurdle is the character animations. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. The HSK files 1-6 for both the vocab and the hanzi are finished and so is full audio (around 8000 words/characters). It’s turning into a very promising app.

I'll also be releasing an English study app in the near future. Stay tuned for more details.