A feature conspicuous by it’s absence, it’s now time to allow you guys and gals to import your own data.

Up until now I have been reluctant to spend too much time adding import functionality as I’ve always believed that if the original data was good enough to start with, it wouldn’t be required. But, I’m bored and I want to add some new features for you all.

I’ll be offering an “import text box” within the app. Just copy and paste your data into this box (maybe from an email or notepad) and the app will automatically format the data ready for study. I’ve looked at iTunes synching functionality but I tend to use my phone away from my computer a lot so I’m more interested in making the iPhone (or whatever) a self contained study device without the need for connecting a cable.

If you have any thoughts or opinions, I’d be very interested to know. I’m aiming for an October update for Kanji and Chinese.