Japanese v2.3

The focus on this update has been on making the new example sentence database more flexible allowing you to dive down infinite levels - like brainstorming. It’s pretty amazing. There’s also a new “Add To Deck” button that saves the current word/kanji and allows you to build a deck without ever touching a keyboard.

Summary so far:

Example sentence section completely rewritten.
Vocabulary is broken down into kanji.

1 second startup time (iPhone 4s)
Improved stats display
Animations don’t interrupt music (at last!)
Allows the studying of a perfected deck.
Delete button in “1 sticky” display.
Fixed the stats backup with Dropbox.
Sort->”Rand” can be pressed twice in a row.
Set your browse settings for ALL files with one button.
N1 vocabulary corrections.
New icons, all bugs fixed (that I’ve been told of) and TLC.

(My plans for the built in dictionary are being put on hold for a few weeks - just need to iron out a few issues)

Aiming for a late February release, wife/work permitting.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 26 Jan 2012 11.08.47 am